About us

About Us

In 2002, Mr.Senthil Kumar & team launched SK-Builders Construction with a strong belief about the right way to run a residential construction doncaster-builderscompany: by providing quality work, meeting deadlines and making sure that every client is satisfied before the job is considered complete. The Mr.Senthil believe that exceeding their clients’ expectations will always lead to more business, a simple formula for success that has served them well. According to an independent survey, 98% of past clients are likely to recommend SK Builders as their choice contractor.

From day one,SK Builders approaches every project with integrity, a commitment to quality and an understanding for the need to maintain open client-builder communication. This is demonstrated in the educated approach we bring to evaluating the time and cost required to complete the job—knowing that home construction represents one of the most important investments their clients will ever make.

SK Builders are committed to addressing all questions and concerns the homeowner has during the construction process, with a can-do attitude shared by the entire team. In fact, to better meet the needs of our clients, we have expanded our services to also include cabinetry and design services, creating a comprehensive, more streamlined approach to home construction. This gives clients the option of hiring all three of our service together—Construction, Architect and Interiors designing or any one of them individually, whichever best suits the demands of their particular project.

We are excited to build your dream with our work